Friday, August 7, 2009

Finally Friday Inspired

If you have not check out Kristina Werner's videos, you are missing some great stuff. She does Finally Friday and Make a Card Monday videos (found on You tube and 2 Peas) and they are so fun and unique sketches. When I need some inspiration to get going, I always watch her videos and copy her sketches. They are so universal that even if you don't have the exact same products, you can swap things out to get wonderful results. And they are quick to make, too!

Today I was inspired by 2 of her Finally Friday cards. Here is the first one and beneath it is mine (sorry for the wonky picture):

And here is the second one I worked on today (Kristina's first and then mine):

Wow! Her pics look so much nicer than mine. I wish I had better lighting, but it is a gloomy day today. Beware, she uses super cute product, you will will be running out to get whatever she is using. LOL (I am totally wanting the Sassafrass lass stamps she used in the above card.)

Here is a link to her 2 peas:

And here is you tube:

Have fun!