Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer time...and the livin' is....


Goodness!  Where, oh where is the time going?  Oh, yeah!  It's summer and the kids are home!  LOL  We are week 2 of summer vacation and are still trying to create some sort of routine so mommy can still have some scrapping time.  So far, it has not been bad (I've gotten a few things made), but my poor little blog has been neglected.

 It has taken a back seat to my OTHER blog (Counterfeit Kit Challenge) and the amount of posting I do on there (we have daily posts...Meridy does the first half of the month and I take the second half).

I do have a lot of 1/2 finished pages that I am hoping to finish up soon.  Once again I have become over ambitious about what I can accomplish.  Or what I WISH I could accomplish.  LOL

My main goal is doing the kits/challenges from CKCB (which really is helping me catch up with my scrapbooking), but it does box me in a bit.

Our first CKCB challenge for June is an Ad Challenge.  I was flipping through the few ads I had (I generally toss them as soon as they come in) when I spied a clever summertime ad from Target.  (Love that store)

I promise to be back soon with a new project...I have a few finished.  :)