Thursday, May 20, 2010

What can be better than pb and marshmellow sandwhiches?

There are just some foods that remind you of certain people. For example, when I think of my husband, I think, Mac and cheese. Orange Marmalade, homeade chip dip (miracle whip, mustard and ketchup) and bread and butter remind me of my grandma. Bacon (nice and crispy) reminds me of Sunday brunch with my grandpa. And peanut butter and marshmellow sandwhiches remind me of my dad. They are FAR from healthy the way he makes them (slathered in butter), so he would sneak them to us whenever my mom was out of the house and he needed to make lunch. We thought he was so cool. SO I have passed this onto my kiddos. We have them rarely and I don't use butter, but they think they are just as cool. :)I did 2 more cards yesterday and they were HARD! LOL I picked a challenge from this site: and tried to make some cards that only had one layer. One layer? No patterned paper? Just stamps? Oh, boy! Let's see what you think.
Oh, I can't believe I never mentioned my darling daughter and her latest obsession: mustaches. Yep. You heard it right. She wants a mustache. Now, not a real one, but she did see some in a gumball machine and has begged and pleaded to have one, so...

We went out shopping and she wore it part of the morning. We got stopped a multitude of times with people wanting to tell her how cute she was. Wrong move, people. Baby girl got the idea in her head that people were making fun of her and she was done. Decided that having a mustache was a silly idea. I'm so glad I got some pictures first. :( I liked the mustache phase.