Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Where are Stacey and Clinton when you need them?

I did an amazing thing today. I was encouraging when Collin showed me his school outfit. LOL Seems like a little thing, but I am a control freak. Seriously. I wish my kids would let me dress them. They have NEVER been like that, though. Ever since they could walk, they have had very decided opinions. Like today. Collin's official first day of school. I imagined his first day pictures in a nice button down shirt with jeans. Collin imagined it looking like he had been on safari. Poor kid. He has fallen prey to the need to be accepted if not popular. He desparately wanted to look cool today. And what Mommy would have picked would not have fallen into that category. LOL So I smiled. Told him he looked awesome. And snapped away. Not even a hint that I had a different outfit in mind. Aren't you proud of me?
Now Isabel. She is very firm on how she wants to look. Good. Bad. Not matching. I had to step in, though. She picked a cute black skirt (with a flower on it) and an orange Dora t-shirt. She said her theme was flowers. I suggested that a dress skirt might look better with a fancier top. Dora was more for play. She wrinkled up her little nose (like she does when she gets mad) and insisted she needed a shirt with flowers on it. She wanted to wear a flower head band, too. Come on, mom! So I found a shirt with flowers that looked a bit nicer. And she got many compliments. Score one for mom. LOL