Sunday, August 28, 2011

Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog Hop: Sketch Support Sketch

This month has been SO awesome playing with the great sketches over at Sketch Support.  I cannot say enough good things about Allison's sketches.  Hopefully you have fallen in love with them this month, too.

When I saw the sketch, I immediately thought of my daughter's Kinder graduation.  I didn't get many great shots of the ceremony, so I decided to focus on the important people there.

I LOVE mixing up fonts for my titles, but sometimes get too lazy to do it.  I'm glad I found the energy this time.

The color combinations in my kit were so fun!  I really love all of the bright pops.

You can't have a Kinder Graduation page without an apple, right?  It is just not done!  LOL I'm working on doing more paper piecing with patterened paper.  It really adds a fun touch.

Thanks for joining us on our hop and thanks so much to our sponsor for this month!

Don't forget to leave a comment on our blog hop post to be entered for our great prize!  (And keep an eye on will be getting a hint soon about our next kit!)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Turn it on it's ear....sketch challenge!

Sketches are thought of as the dirty little secrets of alot of scrapbookers.  They speak of them in hushed tones and don't want to admit to using them.  Well, I love sketches!  They are great jumping off points for my own ideas and, let's face it, getting the memories down is the most important thing.  (Unless your a sketch designer....then the sketches rule!)

Just to prove to you how utterly fabulous and versitile sketches can be, our next challenge is to take a sketch and rotate it.  Move it around.  Flip it.  Just use one page instead of two.  Or take a one page sketch and create a second page for it. 

Here is the sketch I picked from Sketch Support: 2 page sketch #3.

I decided to use only one side of the sketch and then flipped that.  If you look at how many different combinations you can get just by using one page or the other from this sketch...and then flipping it different directions, how could you say that sketches make pages all look the same?

**SOMEHOW my circles refused to go in a pattern around the page and swept from side to side instead.  Silly circles.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Theme Park Add On Kit

This month I volunteered to make a Theme Park add on for our CKCB.  We have done the fair a few times and I have been wanting to do the photos from that, so I was excited to get started.  As it turned out.  I didn't use any of those pics.  LOL  I decided to do a layout on my love of roller coasters instead and snagged pics on-line of my favorite ride:  The VIPER!

Here is my page kit:

And here is the skech I picked:

I guess I will end up using pictures of my kids another time, right?  LOL

Monday, August 15, 2011

Sketch Swap Challenge

Our first challenge at CKCB was a sketch swap with the fabulous Sketch Support!  I am so grateful that Allison shares so freely with her sketches.  They are awesome and someday I want to own ALL of her sketch books!

For this challenge, you need to pick a sketch, any sketch, from the Sketch Support site and swap it.  For example, if you pick a layout sketch, then you need to make a card out of it.  And if you pick a card sketch, you need to make a layout. 

The hardest part of this challenge was deciding which great sketch to use!  I found a card sketch that translates PERFECTLY into a one page layout, so here it is:

You can find the card sketch I used here: Card Sketch 8

And here is my take on it:

I have been taking classes at Miss Arts Paper Crafting School.  She has a great one about clustering and I have been doing my best to give that a go.  It certainly is fun to try and I am enjoying all of the layering!

I'm done with my challenges for the month already (although you will have to wait to see the rest of them), so who knows how much more I will get done!  Whoohoo!

Friday, August 5, 2011

New Counterfeit Kit!

Today is the day to check out the new kit we picked to counterfeit!  Head over to the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog right now to find out!

I did one of the add on kits for this month.  I am very excited about doing a fair/theme park/amusement park theme!  Here is my kit...remember it is just for one page, so it will be easy to put together:

I found some awesome paper from The Paper Studio (newsprint paper) and Sassafrass (Alphabet and music notes).  I love the colors and wanted to try a more vintage look.  The stickers are fun fair food stickers from Momenta (great colors...really cute).  The stamps are from Studio G (wood stamps) and Unity.  I got some fun twine from Miss Arts Paper Crafting School (have to get more of that stuff) and the note card from the dollar spot at Michales.  My last addition was a Cricut cartridge with great travel and fair images on it. 

I hope you feel inspired to make up a similar kit.  I have have several years of photos to choose from for this page kit.  We love fairs at our house. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

It is that time again! New counterfeit kit!

Kids are heading back to school this month for most of us...which means more time to play!  We have a great kit for you this month over at Counterfeit Kit Challenge.

You will need to head over there to see the kit we picked for August!  It sure is pretty...I mean THEY sure are pretty!  Yep!  Another month of choices for you!

So very excited for August!

When I think about what I need to do this month with the kids going back to school and family events coming up, well....

But there is a bright spot in the month of August.

Counterfeit Kit Challenge has yet another fabulous sponsor for the month!  One of my blog crushes has stepped up and offered a great prize for our blog hop for this month...Sketch Support

Why do I love this site so much?  Pull up a comfy chair!
1.  The sketchs are really brainless to just follow exactly as they are.
2.  The sketches are great to change up a bit to put your own spin on them.
3.  You can fit ALOT of pictures on your pages using these sketches.
4.  They have something for everyone (1 page/2 page/cards...).
5.  Allison is SUPER nice and very talented!
6.  Sketch Support has a great variety of FREE sketches!  And if you love those...they even have books you can order!
7.  They give great examples of each sketch!

Oh, and Allison has a pretty great site herself.  Check out her work here!

Suddenly, August is looking much brighter!