Sunday, January 1, 2012

It is time to ORGANIZE!

You do not have to know me well to know that I am an organizing fanatic.  Yep.  I am one of those freaks individuals who thinks organizing/purging things is FUN!  Are you with me?

I have TWO, yes, TWO day planners plus an online calendar and look forward to filling them in each week.  It is my time to clear my mind and get ready for my week.  Happy Sigh.

My plan for this year is to reorganize and purge EVERYTHING in our house/garage!  It is totally doable with:
1.  The right storage (for us bookcases and clear plastic shoe boxes are working)
2.  Just redoing one thing every few days.  No pressure!

I am going to share some old favorites of mine as well as some new discoveries for the new year!  Have fun sorting through them to see what will work for you!

Favorite Online Calendar:

Favorite Paper Calendar:
Mom's Plan It Calendar

Printable Organizing Lists:
Project Girl
My Simpler Life
Organized Home
Mommy Tracked
Simple Organized Living

Online Help:
2 Peas Organizing Thread/Facebook page
Sane Spaces

Do you have any great organizing ideas/sites?  I would LOVE to see them!