Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Countdown Day 12 - 15!

Is it a good thing that I have been too busy DOING to post?  LOL  So, let's go....

Day 12:  choose a new family ornament

Yeah, that did not work out so well.  We did not find ANYTHING we liked.  Then we had a brilliant idea...we'll do a family "house" collection instead.  Those, however, were hard to find, so we will be going out on Saturday to buy our first little collectable house.  I will add a photo then.  :)

Day 13: Make a nativity and a train

This was fun!  I found two sites with some great demensional printables:
Printable Paper Train
Printable Natvity

Day 14: An early stocking stuffer

I have been done with stockings for a while, but just found two things that will in no way fit (and I forgot I bought last year), so guess what we gave them today?  Collin got a Narnia character and Isabel got a Hello Kitty puzzle.

Day 15: Christmas in Canada

Yep.  Canada.  Now don't get me wrong, I like Canada, but man, their traditions are not that far off from ours.  I did some reasearch and asked a few Canadian friends and came up with a not too scary menu.

Before dinner we pulled some Christmas crackers.  We found them at Target and all loved them!  Collin got a whoopie cushion and a car....Isabel got a mini flashlight and a tape measure....Billy got some mini screwdrivers...and I got...wait for it....nail clippers.  (You may OHHH and AHHHH now.)

I could not find a different enough main course that everyone would eat, so we stuck with chicken pot pie, poutine (fries with mozzerella and beef gravy) and butter tart squares for dessert.  I was the only one who like the poutine...but the butter tart squares.  YUMMY!  I was sad I had to share them.