Monday, December 27, 2010

Confessions of a Scrapbooker and a NEW BLOG!

Alright, I have to get this out of the way once and for all. I did not take pictures this Christmas. There. I said it. I made a special December Daily album so that I could document the month...had my camera at the ready on Christmas and realized that I was spending so much time trying to get pictures that I was missing the whole event. So I quit and didn't look back. I hardly feel guilty at all. I can still journal about it and get some after shots, but I spent some quality time with my family and stopped being the crazy lady with the camera for once. I'm not sure I will keep that up. LOL
So...did you know...that red pepper jelly is really yummy! Especially on cream cheese and crackers! And did you know ....that you can buy bulk bags of the dehydrated marshmallows from cereal? Did you? Well, now you do. I know those are odd things to get excited about, but they just make me happy.

Now onto the big news! My friend, Meridy, and I have started a challenge blog that will debut on January 5th! We both love kit clubs and love to make our own kits, so we decided to challenge ourselves and YOU to make our own monthly kits! I really think kits helps me scrap faster and better. It takes the guesswork out of it for me and lets me scrap whenever I get a few minutes.

Each month, on the 5th, we will post a kit that we have found to use as inspiration and the kits we came up with based on that. Through out the month we will share tutorials on making some of the embellishments, mini challenges to help you use your kit and even a blog hop so we can all share what we have done! Are you with me? So here are some links that you will want to know for our challenges:

My blog (I will post throughout the month about the challenges and what I am making)

Meridy's blog:

Our Challenge Blog: http://http//

And facebook! Yep! You can like us on facebook. Just look for Counterfeit Kit Challenge!

Let me know what you think by commenting here or on facebook! And feel free to offer suggestions!