Friday, April 8, 2011

Altered Calendar

I love doing layouts and cards, but I have really been working at trying to do at least ONE different thing each month.  Here is what I came up with for this month...

My daughter is in Kinder and loves telling me what the date is (since they go over it often during the afternoon class).  She is excited to put this in her room so she can keep track all by herself.

I forgot how much I dislike working with Modge Podge.  LOL  I have no patience for that sticky stuff.  It was necessary to help protect it from eager little hands, so I did it and it came out great (always does, but I still don't have to love using it, right?).  I did add some scrap paper (blue and green) for the numbers and months because I thought using patterned paper would be a bit busy for those.

How is your crafty month going?  I am getting a BUNCH done!