Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas Countdown Day 3

Today's Tag: Cut down a Christmas Tree

We have only cut down our own tree once before.  Generally we juggle between a fake tree and picking up a real tree at the last possible minute. I knew the kids would love it.  What I didn't know was....

The place Billy picked was EXPENSIVE!  $80 for a tree and then you hade to pay extra to have it shaken....drilled....tied up...loaded...Yikes!  So we hopped back in our vans and got out our cells and started searching for a more reasonable price.

Isabel would need to go to the bathroom.  With no bathroom in sight.  And couldn't hold it.  It was my first experience trying to help a little girl pee in the woods.  I did not enjoy it.  Neither did she.

The tree farm we went to was cash/check only.  And we don't generally carry cash...

That THEIR idea of the perfect tree and MY idea of a perfect tree were two totally different things. LOL  Collin spent most of his time repeating what he heard daddy say:  Yep, not quite as tall as I was hoping for, mom...and....well, I guess we could put the bare spot against the wall....LOL

A Christmas Tree Farm is FULL FULL FULL of  "Harry Potter Wands" and we needed to collect and practice with every single one of them.

Billy will pick on the kids (pretending to throw them off the tractor) until they scream and I give him the evil eye.  And then he will continue to do it.

Okay, the last one I could have guessed. 

We ended up going to the place we got our first tree at several years ago.

I forgot how lovely the family who owns the place are.  Seriously sweet people.  When we got there, we remembered that they don't take debit only.  We didn't have enough on us and were going to leave, but the owner offered for us to go ahead and get our tree and just send her a check later.  Honestly, terrific people there!  The trees were only $25 and you got to take a hay ride to the trees and they took care of the extras (shaking, drilling the hole and binding it to take to your vehicle AND helping us get it secured) for free.  Then Betty (the sweet owner) asked if she could give our kids some candy canes and told us to head down the street to see a wonderful light display that we could drive through and see Santa.  Too much fun!

It was everything I wanted it to be.

Christmas Countdown Day 2

Day 2 Tag:  Play a game

Now that might not sound very exciting, since we play alot of family games together, but step 2 was FINDING the brand new game mommy bought.  And not just any game.  A NARNIA game!  Whahoo!  I have been feeling sick, sick, sick the last few days, so I was not overjoyed to play, but I put on my happy mommy face and did it anyway. 

Daddy won, but I made a valient effort to help the kids and get Daddy turned to stone by the White Witch.  LOL  It was a fun game and I think we will be playing it often.  I was lucky enough to find it at a consignment shop for under $5...and everything in the box looked brand new.  Very exciting since we have never seen that game before and are HUGE Narnia fans.