Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy Birthday, Molly Joy!

My BFF Sarah's sweet little girl, Molly just turned 2! I just can't believe it! I remember the day she was born (her twin brothers were hanging out at my house so Grandma could be with Sarah during the delivery). She was so tiny, perfect and beautiful. It is such fun watching her grow. Isabel loves her and Collin tries to make her laugh every time we play together. So, in honor of Molly's birthday, I made a little mini album about her. I (are you ready for this?) broke out my stash of Sassafrasslass. The holy grail of paper (okay, I say that about quite a few brands, but, anyway). And I CUT INTO IT! Whew! Now that is true love for Molly. I kept it as simple as possible (she is only 2) and refrained from my usual flowers and buttons, since the likelyhood of them getting pulled off is pretty high. LOL

The card is made with the new Once Upon a Princess. Love that cart! So cute and lots of fun things on it! Girly, but with some boy options, too. So here it is. In all it's glory. And in my opinion, the pictures of my Molly are truely the highlight.I have been sending birthday cards to all of the kids at our church and thought I would make a new set. Change it up a bit. Get a little crazy. Okay, they are not that crazy, but I have been doing the same design for a few months now (I make them in bulk) and thought it was time for a fresh take on it. :) Seriously...loving the party hats...especially on the bunny. The animlas are all Studio G stamps. I keep it simple since I have to make so many of them. :)