Thursday, December 8, 2011

Count Down to Christmas Days 6 and 7!

Tag 6: Scavenger Hunt

My kid's are crazy for maps, scavenger hunts and all things involving clues.  They have been known to create their own just to get their "fix".  This time, I thought I would oblige them.  Billy was a HUGE help as he came up with all of the clues.  He was pretty clever finding Bible verses with key words to help the kids follow a trail to their suprise.  Isabel surprised us all by quickly figuring them all out.  Usually Collin is the one to take the lead.

The suprise?  Fuzzy slipper socks, of course!  I love them!  With all of my heart!  My kids out grew theirs, so I thought it was time for some new ones.

Tag 7: Sweet Treat

Wednesdays are tricky because we are booked with activities.  It makes it hard to do something special, so I made it easy on us with Wednesday being a little gifting day for the kids.  Today's was a sweet treat for them to have.  Now, if you know my kids, Isabel eats her candy IMMEDIATELY  every time!  It never lasts long for her.  Collin is still hoarding candy from as far back as Easter.  Yep.  I don't know where we got that kid.

The best part for me about this time of year, is that any candy not eaten by December is used to make our annual gingerbread houses.  And then promptly thrown out after being admired and photographed.  Collin doesn't mind to much because I always start his collection off again in his Christmas Stocking.  I'm such a thoughtful mommy.