Monday, August 23, 2010

Identity Crisis

I am having a Clark Kent/Super Man kind of day. Since I have become a mom, my identiy has been wrapped up in my kids. Every thing I do...every hour of the day...every day of the year has revolved around them. Alone time is precious and rare. I am a proud stay at home mom who rarely gets time away from my kids. I am okay with that. Until today.
Today was Isabel's first day of Kindergarten. Wow. I mean, just WOW! Can she really be this big? I have to admit, I wavered between tears and excitement when I left the school. I had to call my little sis and take a walk. LOL I have been waiting for this day. Both kids in school now. A few hours to myself. What a luxery! But all I felt was lonely. She is a fun little thing. She irritates me, argues with me, doesn't listen and is such a joy to be around. She makes life interesting. And I missed her. I'm sure I will get over that, though. It is only for 1/2 day. I can't wait for full day! LOL
Now, I do not have preference over my kids. The reason Collin does not have any photos is because he was at the Children's Hospital in Indy with Daddy. He had an appointment guessed it...the first day of school. What a bummer! Hopefully Dr. Susan will be able to figure out what is wrong. In the meantime, his first day is tomorrow and I will have some pictures then. Since I was missing my girl time...I took Isabel to Igloo for some frozen custard BEFORE lunch. You heard me. I'm a bad mommy. Bad to the bone. But fun! She was excited to do something special was going to the Children's Museum after his appointment. Without her. Mean Daddy. Mean brother. cream! She is easily distracted. LOL

The most exciting thing about today? Her first ever...very real...not given by mommy....homework. Yep. She was thrilled. She felt oh so important. She had a paper to fill out about herself so they can make a class book. Pretty big deal, huh?

So here she is. Not my baby any more. A "big girl" now. Am I ready for this?