Friday, January 9, 2015

Knocking it out Valentines Day Style!

Yes, I am fully aware that it is still the beginning of January.  Impressed with me?  My aspiration this year is to actually DO the things that will make me happy.  I LOVE making and sending cards to some of our younger and older family members.  It is so much fun to get mail when you are a kid...and some of my sweet older family members love to feel a part of things and like they have not been forgotten.  I am hoping to send cards out every month, but thought I would start with Valentines Day.  Right now I am all happy to have my box of Valentines themed stuff out, but I know the closer it gets the more I will feel like moving onto the next thing on my list.  LOL 

I kept the design very simple, but had a great time digging through my stamps and getting some good old coloring time in.  My other goal was to use some of a brand new pack of adorable heart puffy stickers, so each of the cards has some of those on it.  I guess it is a magic pack of stickers because there are still SO many left!  LOL  Good thing they are pretty.

(Now if we could just get our Christmas Decorations put up so I can redecorate for February...hey...I was sick and the temperature is now negative numbers...don't judge me!  LOL)

Don't be surprised if you see some more Valentines Day projects very soon...since I am early and all.

Here are a few that I am loving from Pinterest and may need to recreate in my house:

I have a nice big bay window that could use some dressing up...I've never messed with it before, but these are adorable!

The wall of hearts might be too tempting for my kitties, but I love the texture and the monochromatic look!

I am definitely feeling a pull towards adding some foxes to our Valentines Day Decorations!

I bought some of the Stampin Up Sweet Treat Clear containers at a Garage Sale last year...Isabel and I have plans to use them on her Valentines to add a treat!