Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cards for Mini Challenge: Paper Piecing

I was enjoying the paper piecing challenge so much that I decided to do a few cards for it as well!  This first one I made from my kit:

A while ago I saw an adorabe card with an out of doors scene (tree with a swing in it) and a fantastic blue sky with clouds background.  I LOVE that type of paper, but don't have any of it, so I e-mailed the blogger and guess what?  She MADE it!  It is so easy and I use it all the time now.

I cut some clouds out with my Cricut and put some adhesive on the back. Then I arrange them on my project and gently lay them down. The adhesive keeps them there, but not pushing too hard makes them easy to pull back up. Then I take some blue inks and a sponge and pounce the ink up and down on the paper. The clouds act as masks and when I get the color saturation I want, I just remove them. Easy Peasy.

For the balloon, I just cut out 2 circles out of patterned paper.  One of the circles I left as is, the other circle I trimed into an ovalish sort of shape.

Then I inked them with black ink and attatched the oval to the circle with some foam squares.

For the basket, I cut out a small square out of tan cardstock.  I then cut out some thin strips, put adhesive on them and wove them on top of the small square.  I glued down the basket and drew some lines to look like string.

Here is my next card:

For this one, I cut out some curved shapes for hills and stamped and cut out a castle and frog.  I did a similar background for the clouds, but instead of leaving them plain (since it is on kraft cardstock), I put glue in the negative space and added some sparkle fluff (by our craft lounge).  The princess took a bit more time.  She was stamped on several pieces of paper: peach (for skin), brown (for the hair), pink dots (for dress), darker pink (for trim on dress) and yellow (crown).  I cut out pieces of each of the princesses and glued them all on the peach princess.  More work than coloring, but I love the look of it!

Thanks for looking!  Off to create some more!  Oh, and check out Moxie Fab...they are having a paper piecing challenge as well...link your creations Here and you can win a prize from them!