Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dusting off my Dollar Stamps

I am a stamp collector.  No, not the kind that will actually be collectable and make me money someday.  The kind that they sell for $1 at Michaels and Joannes.  Uhem.  I own quite a few of them.  Come on now!  They are just SO cute!

I bought some awesome new ones (oh, yes, I did!) last week...great old fashioned hot air cars...old time telephones...bowler hats....sigh.  Love them!  One of my finds was a set of mustache stamps.  How awesome is that??  So in honor of those stamps...and dollar stamps everywhere, here is a layout made out of my Counterfeit Kit and inspired by a layout idea in Creating Keepsakes.

Are you amazed that I had pictures to go with those stamps?  LOL  If you knew my family, you wouldn't be.