Thursday, October 14, 2010

Let me tell you about....

Let me tell you about a great company I have stumbled upon! I have seen/heard about their kits, but have not (for some unknown reason) checked out their site, yet. My bad. It is pretty inspirational! Oh, I suppose you want me to tell you WHAT site. Really. Stop pushing me! I'm talking about Paper Posies! You can check it out here: I would HIGHLY recommend signing up, so you can check out their forums and online gallery. It really only takes a minute and you will have access to some great inspiration.
Let me also tell you about what I have been doing this week. I have posted pics of my room for you before, but have been busy re-organizing again. LOL It is my birthday week. It makes me happy. Enough said. :) I think I am close to how I want it. I think the only thing missing is a clip it up. And I am working on winning a floor model of that. Wish me luck! I would love to get the storage out from under my dest and sewing table.
I took lots of photos. 'Cuz I can. So get ready! Here is a view of each area of my room:
Here is my guest bed (also a nice place to read a scrapbook magazine or blog hop) and embellishement area!
This area is my desk and closet. I am lucky enough to have a 7 foot desk (thank, honey!) and a nice closet space (stores my scrap totes, stamps and magazines). Yep. That is a lot of videos that you see. LOL I keep the "mommy" movies in here since no one else ever watches them. What have I been watching this week? Pride and Prejudice, of course!
Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE my slat walls? Sigh. I never thought I would own any. Never even crossed my mind. Now I don't know what I would do without them. And I think we spend $50 for the walls/trays and all!
Here are some closer pics of my desk area. I have everything in my room (ribbon/paper/flowers/buttons/ink) in color order. I love my rainbow!
In my closet, I recently bought a BUNCH of photo storage boxes to categorize my stamps in. It is working well for me so far. I may make a roledex so I know EVERY stamp in the boxes, though. :)
What I have mostly been doing this week is my embellishments. I got a new Jet Max Cube and it was just what I needed to be able to categorize my stash. Each drawer has its own purpose now and is labeled accordingly. :) Happy Sigh.

The top of the Jet Max makes a great surface for my paint, sewing machine (one of these days I will figure that thing out), cuttlebug and, uhem, M&M dispenser. What? You don't have chocolate in YOUR room? LOL I love the Ikea Kitchen rods/buckets for my ribbon, too. So pretty!
And did you spy this little guy?
Isn't he cute? I love little monsters. And owls. But no one has given me a cute stuffed owl yet. (tear) I will just have to settle for my monster.
Hope you MAKE a great day! My room is looking pretty good, so I can play in a bit. Don't forget to check out Paper Posies! You will not be sorry! Also, Unity is having their Thursday Blog Hop and it is full of Spooky inspiration!