Monday, August 15, 2011

Sketch Swap Challenge

Our first challenge at CKCB was a sketch swap with the fabulous Sketch Support!  I am so grateful that Allison shares so freely with her sketches.  They are awesome and someday I want to own ALL of her sketch books!

For this challenge, you need to pick a sketch, any sketch, from the Sketch Support site and swap it.  For example, if you pick a layout sketch, then you need to make a card out of it.  And if you pick a card sketch, you need to make a layout. 

The hardest part of this challenge was deciding which great sketch to use!  I found a card sketch that translates PERFECTLY into a one page layout, so here it is:

You can find the card sketch I used here: Card Sketch 8

And here is my take on it:

I have been taking classes at Miss Arts Paper Crafting School.  She has a great one about clustering and I have been doing my best to give that a go.  It certainly is fun to try and I am enjoying all of the layering!

I'm done with my challenges for the month already (although you will have to wait to see the rest of them), so who knows how much more I will get done!  Whoohoo!