Monday, September 3, 2012

What to do...what to do...

A day off?  Unheard of!  I got off to a rough start.  Thought I would do a little bit of work.  Ummm...yep.  Two hours later I asked my hubby to please ban me from work today.  You know how it is; one thing leads to another and there goes your day.

Now what to do today.  I suppose I must feed my family at some point and the talk of some card games has been bandied about.  For now, though, I am happily in my scraproom deciding between scrapping and reorganizing something.  Both good choices in my opinion.

Here are a few cards that I made in the past week. I got out my Card a Day book and started browsing for some inspiration.  The fact that I have a head cold has translated into cards that I am just "eh" about, but at least I got some time to create and used up more of my August Kit.