Saturday, May 11, 2013

Finally a scrappy weekend

I will promise you nothing!  LOL  When I promise that you will be seeing more posts, it generally does not happen.  So if you see a lot from me in the next few days, shhhh...don't make a big deal out of it and jinx it.

One of my Design Team members from Counterfeit Kit Challenge does these wonderful blog events!  Lots of inspiration, ideas, challenges and even prizes.  Head on over to Jennifer Grace Creates to take a look.

This weekend is her Onwards and Upwards Blog Event!  This is also the weekend that Billy has offered to do all housework and cooking and just let me relax and do whatever I want.  What I want is to scrapbook, so here I am.

Jennifer has issued some challenges this weekend that I have been working through.  I thought I would share some with you...

A Challenge to go Up, Up, Up!
I am a roller coaster junkie and have high hopes that my kids will be the same.  We have a good start with Collin, but Isabel is like her dad and prefers her feet on the ground.  This was their first fair ride.  It only went up a little ways, but it was HUGE to them.  They ended up loving it.

To Be Inspired
I am a very visual person, so pinterest is ideal for me.  I love all of Jennifer's boards on pinterest and while I was browsing, I spied this sketch on someone else's board.  That inspired this layout (and the older one I found stuck in a drawer).  The photo isn't great...and Collin's head is cut off, but I love the look on his face.

Today is Beautiful
I loved Jennifer's notebook project.  Yellow has been very prominent in her blog this weekend and it looks great!  She did great with all of the layering without adding too much dimension.  I did quite a bit of layering on this card, but it is still very flat and easy to mail.

I'm off to see what else I can make.  I'm on a roll!  LOL