Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Turn it on it's ear....sketch challenge!

Sketches are thought of as the dirty little secrets of alot of scrapbookers.  They speak of them in hushed tones and don't want to admit to using them.  Well, I love sketches!  They are great jumping off points for my own ideas and, let's face it, getting the memories down is the most important thing.  (Unless your a sketch designer....then the sketches rule!)

Just to prove to you how utterly fabulous and versitile sketches can be, our next challenge is to take a sketch and rotate it.  Move it around.  Flip it.  Just use one page instead of two.  Or take a one page sketch and create a second page for it. 

Here is the sketch I picked from Sketch Support: 2 page sketch #3.

I decided to use only one side of the sketch and then flipped that.  If you look at how many different combinations you can get just by using one page or the other from this sketch...and then flipping it different directions, how could you say that sketches make pages all look the same?

**SOMEHOW my circles refused to go in a pattern around the page and swept from side to side instead.  Silly circles.