Monday, February 7, 2011

I am loving me some stick pins...

Last month's Counterfeit kit has stick pins in it.  I got out my obligitary pins that I had purchased along time ago and put them in my kit.  Whoohoo.  Then a wonderous thing happened.  My sweet husband brought home several of those plastic storage holders with the drawers FULL of jewlery making things.  Um...I don't make jewlery honey.  But you could.  But I don't.  But you could...just look through it, okay?

So I looked...and started to see some pretty things (and alot of things I will never use).  And started to get some scrappy ideas!  Hmmm...these charms would be cute on a page...those beads could have rub ons put on them...

And then this months kit had a stick pin again.  But this time, I was excited about it.  I was going to make my own.  I was lucky enough to find some straigh pins (for jewlery making) in the glorious mess of beads, so I got to work.  It was SO easy and I am in love with them. 

Here is my first one that I did for my kit this month:

Really, it doesn't take much at all to make these.  All you need is some beads/charms, straight pins of some sort or even safty pins and clear glue.  You might have most of this already in your house.  Go look.  I'll wait........

If you are using a safety pin, just put the beads on and close it.  Done.  If using straight pins, put a bead on the pin toward the end and put some clear glue on the top and bottom of the don't have to wait for it to dry.  Go ahead and add any other bead/charms as you see fit and put clear glue in between each and especially at the end.  Then put it down and give it a few minutes for the glue to dry.

Look how cute!  Do I have to use them?  LOL

Now go and create something.