Monday, May 27, 2013

A little weekend fun!

We had a fun filled family weekend, but I was determined to get some creating done.  Well, what I did manage to do, at least, was get my kits put back into my stash and make a new kit for myself to use this week.  (Goal:  1 layout and 2 cards from it...I'm sure it will make more, but I am trying to be realistic)

I headed over to CSI to see what case file is up.  I am in at the tail end, but put together a kit because I really loved the color combo.  Hopefully I can be much earlier with my next kit.

Here is what their inspiration was:

The blues and orange are so much fun!  I really like the grey they threw in, too.

I was happy to pull some buttons I had made way back when for another kit...and some wood vaneers to play with.  (I have been collecting them, but have not used them yet.  SHOCKING!)

I can't wait to play with it and share some more things with you.  Wish me luck!  It is the last week of school and we are BUSY!  I will need to carve some time for myself!