Wednesday, August 3, 2011

It is that time again! New counterfeit kit!

Kids are heading back to school this month for most of us...which means more time to play!  We have a great kit for you this month over at Counterfeit Kit Challenge.

You will need to head over there to see the kit we picked for August!  It sure is pretty...I mean THEY sure are pretty!  Yep!  Another month of choices for you!

So very excited for August!

When I think about what I need to do this month with the kids going back to school and family events coming up, well....

But there is a bright spot in the month of August.

Counterfeit Kit Challenge has yet another fabulous sponsor for the month!  One of my blog crushes has stepped up and offered a great prize for our blog hop for this month...Sketch Support

Why do I love this site so much?  Pull up a comfy chair!
1.  The sketchs are really brainless to just follow exactly as they are.
2.  The sketches are great to change up a bit to put your own spin on them.
3.  You can fit ALOT of pictures on your pages using these sketches.
4.  They have something for everyone (1 page/2 page/cards...).
5.  Allison is SUPER nice and very talented!
6.  Sketch Support has a great variety of FREE sketches!  And if you love those...they even have books you can order!
7.  They give great examples of each sketch!

Oh, and Allison has a pretty great site herself.  Check out her work here!

Suddenly, August is looking much brighter!