Friday, July 1, 2011

Hot Diggity Dog!!

I am VERY excited about the sponsor this month for the Counterfeit Kit Challenge!!

I cannot wait to sign up for her classes!  I got to take a preview class so I could talk about her site with a bit of knowledge under of my belt and I was SO impressed!  The classes are well put together and have alot of great ideas (even for an old timer like me).  Her subscription prices can't be beat either...really awesome value!

This month she is offering a great class called Fanciful Flowers.
Class Description:

Finding just the right flower for your project can be a challenge. Like the perfect fashion accessory, there are so many factors to consider. Each flower must be the right size, color, style and fit. In this 101 level Class, Lisa Valentine shows you how to take a simple die or template and transform it into the perfect flower for any project. From acrylic to fabric to paper, all hands and materials are on deck as Lisa shows you in 3 easy-to-follow videos how to create the perfect flower for your next project. Fanciful Flowers starts on 7/10/11!

See what I mean?  Great classes!  You really do need to check out her will be impressed!

And CKCB has an awesome prize this month for our blog hop, too!

A 60 Day Extra Credit Subscription to their classes!!!

We have another great month planned for make sure you check back daily to see what we are up to!