Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Good enough is good enough...

Since it is SO hot outside (and my allergies are going crazy), I am having a creative day today. Well, it has been more like a creative five minutes here and a creative five minutes there, but it is working for me anyway. My brain has been stuck lately...too much to think about and too much going on, so it was nice to get a few things done.
I did one layout the last few days. It is only a one page layout, but it has been sitting on my desk taunting me. Telling me that it is not quite what I want it to be. Well, you know what, layout? I'm done with you. Good enough will have to be good enough this time. So there! LOL I love thise pictures of my girl and her first time doing a slip and slide. She was so excited. I forgot how much they can hurt, though.

I was feeling inspired to try and make my own patterened paper again. I haven't done that in YEARS ( I never like the way it comes out), but thought I would give it a go again. I stamped the background for this card and then distressed the paper with some Tim Holtz ink. Not too terrible.

I was excited today about 2 of my projects. Just felt inspired on these topics, I guess. First I made a birthday card for my little sister. She is turning 8 this week. :) I had loved (and missed) the Copic Challenge for making a bookmark, so I made her a card with a bookmark. (Sorry about the sideways pics; Blogger is acting up. However, if you hold your head JUUUUST so...you will not notice. LOL)
My (hopefully not) last project today was some notecards for the give bags I am making for the kids teachers. I found some for Collin's teacher, but they only had one pack, so I made some for Isabel's teacher. I like mine better. LOL
Later Gaters! I'm hoping to have a little more fun before I need to make dinner. Be on the look out for a challenge with a prize coming very soon. :)