Thursday, March 4, 2010

It's a rainbow kind of day...

So today I have a RAGING headache. Wow. I don't know where it came from, but it is about flattening me. However, the sun is shining in my studio window. Did you hear me? That blows any headache pain right out of the water. Hurt away head. My sunny room is glowing.
The day did not start off well for me. Collin was throwing up last night. No fever. No other symptoms, but random throwing up. Which he does not handle well. At all. **Can you say drama queen?** Apparently the male "I'm sicker than anyone has ever been in the history of sickness and will die soon" gene is alive and well in my house. Yippee. I sent him to school since he does not indicate being in any other way sick...and he was running around like a lunatic at 6:00 this morning. And arguing with his sister. Hey. Don't judge me.
After taking him to school, next on my agenda was Isabel's room. Ummm...can you say tiny toy disaster? I was NOT looking forward to the day long battle to get her to clean. She truely does not care about her room. But I can't even walk in there without getting hurt and REALLY need her to develope a clean gene (it can happen...ask my sister). So....I got an idea. My friend, Kasey, gave Isabel a pretty, purple fairy costume last night. Isabel wanted to wear it today. I asked her if she knew what fairy it was (we are very into Tinkerbelle here). She said no. And thus the cleaning fairy was born. She promptly put on the cleaning fairy outfit and CLEANED HER WHOLE ROOM! No joke! Here is a pic. to prove it:
See! My day just keeps getting better and better! I found some fantastic rainbow paper in the K and Company Girl Scouts stack that was just crying out to me. And since her room was done, i had time to play with it. I had some pics. of Billy I really love from last summer that I wanted to scrap, but I wanted some wallets of several different pics. I can do that on my photo printer, but you get the same picture on the print four times. It won't let me do any differently. So I discovered Photosheet. It is a free program that lets you put 4 different photos on one print. It works beautifully! I love it! The story I shared on this page is about Billy's need to insist that I moved to Puerto Rico just to marry him. LOL Nothing was further from my mind at that time, but it makes him happy to tell everyone that. So I had to record my side of the story for my kid's sake.

I was very careful to save every scrap left from that adorable rainbow paper, and was able to make this card and still have some left over.

And, since this was my rainbow day, I also found out that I won a blog hop from Zva Creative! They will be sending me $30 of their new releases from CHA! Check it out! WhooHoo! So rage on headache! It is still a great day!