Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Banner Love

Yep.  My crushes hit hard and fast.  I have been in love with banners since last year and have been making holiday and seasonal ones for our fireplace mantle and the kids birthdays. friends/family love them, too, and I frequently end up giving them away.  LOL  Here are a few I have made:

Now, I did not really make a Christmas banner because I did this Christmas Countdown Calendar instead:

I am in need of a Spring mantle is so empty since Valentines Day is over.  I have some ideas brewing in my head...but take at look at what I found...(Disclaimer...I did NOT make these, but I am crushing on them all the same.)

Don't you just love web browsing?  If you have any other thoughts on banners, please share with me.  I am in the idea collecting phase now before I start sketching it out.