Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Babbling Brook Counterfeit Kit

Now onto kit number 2!  Hmmm...first picture crooked!  LOL  I hate it when that happens, but it won't let me change it.  Anyway, here are my papers from that kit:

I used a book page paper (no company listed), K&Co. Girl Scout Paper, and made the alphabet paper, the circle paper and the round, scalloped paper.

The round, scalloped paper was pretty easy with my cricut and the Storybook Cart.  I just had to push cut.

I added some red faux stitching to mimic the red line on the original.  I toyed with the idea of glittering the scallops, but, honestly, didn't want to mess with it.  :)  See!  It is your kit!  Do what you want!

Storybook cart to make the Alphabet, Tiny Type in brown, MS. Stamps, made ONE envelope (not sure if I would use more than one), I-Rock Bling, Flower ribbon, made the butterflies and the doilies are Christmas chipboard (some sort of snowflakes, I believe)

A nice mix of embellishments, I think!

How are your kits coming?

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