Monday, February 6, 2012

Loving this month's Counterfeit Kits!

I think I am just worn down from the holidays.  It has been difficult for me to work up any excitement about anything...even in my scrapbooking.

I'm enjoying showing off our kits in a HOP format this year.  You should have come from Susanne's Blog.  If you want to see a complete list of the hop, please go to the Counterfeit Kit Challenge.
We have picked some fun kits PACKED FULL of scrappy goodness for this month!  One thing you will notice is that they are very paper/journaling heavy and not so much on the dementional embellishments.  We will just have to be creative with our layering and foam squares, won't we?

We picked kits from Scrapbook Circle for our inspiration this month.  There are so many great kits that we had to pick two:  You + Me  and  Note to Self

I recklessly picked through my sets of paper (I rarely buy single sheets, but prefere kits) and pulled whatever I thought would work.

I LOVE the typewriter paper, but had a horrible time trying to recreate it, so I gave up and picked some paper airplane paper that I already had.  That led me to make some of the papers in my kit more boy friendly.  I think I came up with a nice mix that will work for both of my kid's pages.

Eventually I had to stop making journaling spots.  This kit is FULL of them!  Now there is no exuse for me not to write more this month.

For my second kit, I decided to wing it!  I glanced at the Scrapbook Circle Kit and then got out what I wanted in my kit.  LOL  So no real inspiration there at all except for the theme.

I have some great K & Co. paper from two years ago (maybe?) that I still LOVE!  The Crossword puzzle paper is from Sassafrass Lass and I have been itching to use it .

Yes, you see that correctly.  Look VERY closely and you will notice several little jars of brads and eyelets.  I think it is about time I started using them again.  Do you see the cute owls I added in, too?  My friend Pam made them for me last year, as cupcake toppers.  Of course throwing them out when we were done was out of the question.  LOL  the kids are lucky they got to be on the cupcakes at all!

Now head on over to Meridy's Blog to see what she put together.  I bet she doesn't have owls, though.