Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Jennifer Grace: Red and Blue Challenge

Not my best work, but my head hurts and my kids keep on interrupting me.  LOL

I love using red and blue together.  :)   HERE IS THE CHALLENGE if you want to check it out.

Jennifer Grace: A Challenge to Embrace the Busy

I managed another challenge!  Whoohoo!  I happened to get sick right in the middle of this lovely event (still don't feel well), so I got more sleeping than scrapping done.  I am glad I pulled all of my Scrappy Christmas Goodness.  It is making it so much easier to work for a few minutes.

I took Jennifer's challenge to embrace the busy literally.  In fact, this page is not doing good things to my headache.  LOL  I'm sure I will love it later.

Love this paper, but it sure it making my head hurt.  LOL  I was afraid my photos would get lost, so I did several layers to frame them out.  I wanted to make my own "string of lights" so I let some twine fall on the page (to give it a more natural look) and the used brads to help keep it in place.  I then added enamel dots and sequins to add a bit of sparkle.  I threw on anything else I thought would work (trees, building, branch, tab and a totally cute flair) and called it a day.  


Head over to Jennifer Grace Creates to see what Jennifer made for this challenge!