Monday, July 9, 2012

Working my June kit still...

Well, my sister is due to have a baby any day now.  The last few weeks have been a flurry of getting my blog posts ready for the Counterfeit Kit Challenge and getting things done for work.  I want to be ready when she calls to head on out and drive about 2 1/2 hours to see the birth of my new nephew (fingers crossed!).  That has not left much time for any crafting, but I did manage to get a few things done with my June kit. 

Friday, July 6, 2012

July's Counterfeit Kit (s)

Welcome to our JULY BLOG HOP!  I am going to assume you came on over from our wonderful Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog.  Gasp!  You didn't ?  Well get on over there first.  Go on.  I'll wait for you.  (foot tapping)
Hey, you're back!  Good!  So did you see the kit we are doing from Citrus Twist ?  I love the fact that new scrapbook kit clubs are popping up!  Yeah for them!  They are off to an impressive start!
So....I have been looking through my fininished kits and am realizing that I lean WAY towards making more girlie kits.  Which if fine.  But I do have a boy, too.  So this month I thought I would even things up a bit!  Did I make a boy kit, you ask?  Yeah.  That would have been easier.  I ended up making TWO kits.  One boy.  One girl.  Jack and Jill.

I tried to really stick close to the overall patterns of the main kit papers, but with a boy twist.  Love the woodgrain and the Echo Park paper...

Alpha stickers anyone?  I pulled a few...and then pulled a few more.  LOL  The felt ones are a new purchase...I hope they look great on a page!

Instead of linen, I went with cork...and I LOVE those puffy stickers!

I am not well stocked with boy stamps, but I think these will be perfect!  (I bought the Unity Stamp from very own Ippity Chick!)

I was so excited to finally use some of the punched buttons I made from my scraps.   LOL  I like making them, but haven't really used them yet.  I also punched some file folder tabs...and used my Cricut and some wood grain paper to "copy" the wood veneer pieces. (Love that Going Places Cart!)


I always try to start with the floral prints, when I am matching papers for my kit.  The colors from those set the tone for me.

Have to keep things even which means:  MORE ALPHAS!

I pulled some girly stamps I have not used in awhile.  Love the CTMH ones with the dogs.  :)

I did have a piece of sticky backed linen that I will need to figure out how to use.  And look at the super cute tapes (thanks, Pam!) that I can't wait to play with!

Making two kits was really much easier than it seemed since I was able to just make everything twice.  Only added a few extra minutes.  :)

 I hope you took a chance to go through all of our Design Team's kits for the month!  Such a talented group!
Guest Designer: Sherri
Bethany  **Yep...that is me!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I did manage to scrap...

Kids are home...I am trying to super mom...not hear the words, I'm bored!  LOL  Our summer schedule looks something like this:

Movie Monday (go out to a dollar one...or rent one)
Tuesday Staff date...swim
Wildcard Wednesday (surprise activity)
Library time
Sunday....lots of church activities

Wildcard Wednesdays have been our saving grace this summer.  The kids never know what we are going to do, so they spend several days anticipating...and then several days reveling in the fun they had.  LOL

Here are some of the things we have done so far (remember my kids are 9 and 7...and easily pleased...LOL)

Getting the stuff for banana splits:

Going to the pet store to look at animals:

Playing an interesting game involving shaving cream and throwing cheetos:

Being super sneak theives and stealing a valueable heirloom at the end of the hall:

We have also tossed in some trips to the zoo and a HUGE park/playground.

That has not left me alot of time for scrapping, but I did manage to finish a few things this month:

Any suggestions for how I can become a night person?  I would get so much more done then!