Thursday, January 6, 2011

Studio Calico Notions Tutorial

The Studio Calico Notions in the kit look so fresh and are a nice neutral element. They are also pretty easy to recreate yourself. I decided to make mine out of dictionary paper, but you could use tissue paper, patterned paper, old sewing patterns...anything really!

Here is what you need: Dictionary (or other light weight paper), adhesive, scalloped edge scissors, regular sciccors, twine or floss

Tear a page out of the dictionary and cut it into 2 inch strips. (My dictionary is about 7x4 inches)

Take your large scalloped edge scissors and cut scallops along both long sides.

Accordian fold the scalloped strip at each notch (lining up the scallops as you fold..don't worry if it doesn't come out even, just keep folding at the notches).

Hold the folded paper tightly together and cut a small triangular notch in the middle. Do not cut too close to the center as you will need to do the same thing on the other side and don't want to cut all the way through.

Take a piece of baker's twine or any kind of thin floss and tie it around the notches.

Put adhesive on one side of the fan and stick the sides together to form half of a circle.

Do the same on the other side.

Trim the twine, if you like or use it to attatch a button on top.

Play around with different sizes, types of paper, embellishments on the top. Have fun!
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