Friday, July 15, 2011

CKC Embossing Challenge

If you look at my scrapbook stuff, you can see that I have a thing for embossing.  Or, um, at least for collecting embossing stuff.  I honestly forget about it sometimes and don't use it nearly enough!

Here is my layout for the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Embossing Challenge.

I used a few different techniques on it. 

Cuddlebug Folder Embossing:

 Regular Embossing (Alphabet chipboard piece) and Cracked Glass Embossing (Bicycle Stamp):

Three Embossing Techniques in one layout...not too shabby!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dusting off my Dollar Stamps

I am a stamp collector.  No, not the kind that will actually be collectable and make me money someday.  The kind that they sell for $1 at Michaels and Joannes.  Uhem.  I own quite a few of them.  Come on now!  They are just SO cute!

I bought some awesome new ones (oh, yes, I did!) last week...great old fashioned hot air cars...old time telephones...bowler hats....sigh.  Love them!  One of my finds was a set of mustache stamps.  How awesome is that??  So in honor of those stamps...and dollar stamps everywhere, here is a layout made out of my Counterfeit Kit and inspired by a layout idea in Creating Keepsakes.

Are you amazed that I had pictures to go with those stamps?  LOL  If you knew my family, you wouldn't be.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Fun!

So, I stopped subscribbing to scrapbook magazines to save some money.  Yeah.  I can't seem to stop picking up each issue when it comes out at the store.  LOL  It is an addiction, I tell you! 

I love to look at blogs and even online scrapbook magazines, but there is just something about the feel of  paper in my hands.  Since I can't seem to stop buying them, at least I can start using them more.  :)  I pulled out my recent issue of Sccrapbooks ect. and found a great layout on page 16.  I don't generally do a lot of circles, but this seemed to be a great time to start.  Here is my version:

It was fun mixing up the patterened paper.  Usually I over think it.  This time I just started cutting.  I love it!

My sweet girl pulled out one of my card magazine to see about making a card.  She like to copy them EXACTLY and needs a bit of help with the cutting.  Then she adds her own flair to it..."just one more thing, mamma, then it will be perfect!".

Here is her take on a card she loved.  I enjoy watching her process and her new facination with texture on a card.

Off to make some more layouts and cards...hopefully with my girl!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Scrappy Day...sort of

We had 2 free days this weekend...and I was prepared to scrapbook!  I have my Counterfeit Kit calling out to me....a new mini fridge in my scraproom and energy to spare.  And the family was home.  And wanted mommy's help and attention.  I should have known better.  LOL

Sunday I did get a good amount of time to myself.  Unfortunately, I got distracted a bit re-organizing some of my embellishment boxes.  They look so pretty now!  And I got distracted cyber chatting with some friends.  Well worth the typing time!

I saw this card on the Hero Arts Blog and really liked the graphic look of it.  Congrats Card

Isn't that great?  Really fun for kids...or a guy depending on the colors used.

Here is my take on it:

I think this design is going to be really flexible for some other fun cards!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July Counterfeit Kit

So we have noticed lately that alot of the kits we are looking at counterfeiting are starting to look a bit the same.  It is basically because everyone is on trend and using the same types of current products.  It happens.  In order to combat that feeling of sameness for everyone, we are going to use the occasional older kit to inspire us.  No more than a year old, though.  We still wan them to feel fresh.

So how about the kit for July?  What oldie, but goodie did we dig up for you?  How about a kit from....

Their July kit from 2010 (Cape Cod) is full of bright colors and great summer accents.

If you are feeling adventurous, then you MIGHT want to try one of their Add on kits from that same month last year...

Still have time on your hands?  You will find two additional add on page kits on the Counterfeit Kit Challenge blog throughout the month made by members of our very own Design Team.  Yep.  We are that good.

So I suppose you are waiting to see my kit.  I really can't blame you.  It was such a fun one this month!

Now, I did not have a few sheets of their awesome paper and really didn't want to try to just supplement.  So I either made the paper myself of skipped it.  What can I say, I really liked the paper in the kit.

You will not want to miss a DAY of our challenges, tutorials and cool ideas this month.  So many great things.  PLUS....we have an awesome sponsor!

She is giving away a free 60 day subscription to take some of her awesome classes!  And believe me...they are pretty awesome!  I decided to just sign up myself and this "old dog" is learning some new tricks.  Really great ideas on her site!  So stay tuned for our monthly blog hop for your chance to win!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Hot Diggity Dog!!

I am VERY excited about the sponsor this month for the Counterfeit Kit Challenge!!

I cannot wait to sign up for her classes!  I got to take a preview class so I could talk about her site with a bit of knowledge under of my belt and I was SO impressed!  The classes are well put together and have alot of great ideas (even for an old timer like me).  Her subscription prices can't be beat either...really awesome value!

This month she is offering a great class called Fanciful Flowers.
Class Description:

Finding just the right flower for your project can be a challenge. Like the perfect fashion accessory, there are so many factors to consider. Each flower must be the right size, color, style and fit. In this 101 level Class, Lisa Valentine shows you how to take a simple die or template and transform it into the perfect flower for any project. From acrylic to fabric to paper, all hands and materials are on deck as Lisa shows you in 3 easy-to-follow videos how to create the perfect flower for your next project. Fanciful Flowers starts on 7/10/11!

See what I mean?  Great classes!  You really do need to check out her will be impressed!

And CKCB has an awesome prize this month for our blog hop, too!

A 60 Day Extra Credit Subscription to their classes!!!

We have another great month planned for make sure you check back daily to see what we are up to!