Monday, January 24, 2011

How many things can you make from a kit?

I love to have things completed.  For example, I start out every morning writing in my day planner a small To Do List.  I highlight...I cross things off...I detail and subcategorize.  It makes me happy.  (Did you hear my contented, happy sigh?)  It is a bad thing when it comes to food...I really don't like just leaving one cookie in the cookie jar.  Really.  One cookie?  It will get lonely?  And if the kids aren't home then it is my DUTY to care for that lonely cookie.  It is a good thing when it comes to finishing up a kit.  This month's Counterfeit Kit has been wonderful, but I am itching to finish up all of the bits and pieces that are left in it. 

So far I have made a 2 page layout, 1 one page layout and a card.  Now all of the scraps are just sitting there.  Staring at me.  Lonely.  Since I don't make a habit out of eating scrapbook supplies, I am determined to finish up the scraps and clear off my desk for the kit we will be making for February.  So that is what I am working on right now.  Using up the scraps.

I do have a dedicated space for all of my scraps, but, to me, it makes good sense to get the most milage out of putting together supplies for a kit or layout.  Use up the scraps that you KNOW work well already love the project you used them on, right?

Today I decided to get some inspiration from my absolute favorite Garden Girl....Kristina Werner.  Have you seen her website?  No?  Really?  Where have you been?  She makes the most wonderful cards WITH video tutorials so you can recreate them at home.  She is genius at being creative and simple with her designs...and has inspired my love for Kraft paper and faux stitching.  Check her out here: kwernerdesign ( tutorials may be addicting and her love of showing us cute new products may lead you to a MAJOR spending spree...should I count how many of my stamps I HAD to have because I saw how she used them?)

Here is my first inspiration from Kristina:  Make a Card Monday (MACM)   Yep.  She has her own youtube channel full of cardmaking goodness.  (She also does 2 Peas Finally Friday card making videos).

(Supplies added: Kraft cardstock cardbase; black paper, The Girls Paperie frame stamp, CTMH hear stamp, $1 sentiment stamp, postage stamp border punch, I Rock bling)

Next up is a card of my own design...and I wasn't sure it was going to work at all.  I matted the red paper and stuck it down.  Then I realized I had NO idea what I wanted to do with it from there.  LOL  Ever have one of those days?  My very tired first thought was to chuck it, but I decided that I was in great need of an owl card and made it work.
(Supplies added: Kraft Card base, prima flowers, I Rock bling, Stamps: a HUGE set of owls and branches...I forget the company)

My final project was a layout about me.  That does not happen very often, so I really wanted it to be life changing.  Is is not.  LOL  But it is a glimpse of me for my kids someday.

(Supplies added: buttons to the notions, black and white paper scraps, I Rock bling, Alphabet stickers from a Sassafrass kit)

So my total projects from my kit this month?  4 scrapbook pages and 3 cards = 7 projects

Not bad at all!