Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pam's visit....revisited

Besides card challenges, Pam had some goals in mind for our visit.  Here is one of them:

and here is the other:

We had quite the interesting time at Denny's.  Our first visit (yep, there were two) for dinner led us to a very enthusiastic waiter (hi, Chad).  I really thought that ONE of us was getting an engagement ring at the end of the meal.  We were too full for dessert (and laughing too hard at our creepy waiter), so we took Collin and Isabel for a treat after school.  Bacon Sundaes all around.  Don't judge us.  They are pretty yummy!

Ready for some more card challenge?

Here we go!  Cloud Challenge:



Elephant Challenge:




Pam, again.  Show off.

Tomorrow is another day...and more card challenges!