Monday, March 1, 2010

Some great buys and a new found love...

So I had a great shopping weekend! Poor Billy...he got dragged around with me. I decided to try some discount places and we ended up at Big Lots and Tuesday Mornings. :) Didn't buy a lot, but found some great deals at both places.

Then I stumbled on a buy/sell thread on 2 peas and found the most amazing stamps that a lovely lady was selling. They are from the company Pink Persimmon ( and I love love love them! I can't wait until they get here!
Since I have nothing much to do (LOL) I have found a new hobby that I am LOVING! It is inexpensive and my kids are thrilled with it...FELT FOOD! Yep. I said it. You heard me. I love to browse Etsy and see the cutest food on there. I wondered how hard it would be to make some things for Isabel, so I started browsing the web. Oh, my goodness! Great ideas...tutorials...and they are so cheap to make! Here is what I managed on Sunday:
Actually, I made 3 of the eggs and am finishing up the 4th piece of bacon. Isabel has requested pop tarts next. LOL Serioulsy, I don't if I can do this, it is not bad at all! I didn't even us my machine...these are all handstitched, baby! I will even share some of my new fav. sites with you. See. The work is practically done for you. And, Crystal...I can totally see you doing this!
Go forth and create!