Friday, January 15, 2010

Sketchy Goodness

I (uhem) need to tell you something. Please don't be afraid, but I am a cyber stalker. I admit it. I have a certain designer that I stalk online. I wait with baited breath for her videos...I stalk her blog...I worship from afar. That designer is Kristina Werner. Sigh. She is wonderful! Very down to earth and her cards and fun, bright and simple. She is great at thinking outside of the box, but all of her stuff is very doable and very inspiring. I just want to create when I see her videos. Alright...alright...I will share her with you.

And on her blog there was a... cow? No...but a great idea for a card sketch book that you can make yourself. Now I will admit it, I am a great design lifter, but I struggle with my own abitily to design on my own. I didn't start out that way, but with so many places to look for inspiration, my design muscle has not needed to be flexed quite so much. Her sketch book has inspired me to stop borrowing so much and go back to doing my own designs.
Here is the link to the video on her blog on making the book:
She even graciously shares her pdf for the pages inside. All you have to do is print, cut and assemble. Sweet! I finished mine in no time at all and am in love with it already!

I decided to get started right away, so here is my first sketch:

and here is my card:

I have been wanting to make a valentines day banner for the house, so that was my jumping off point for this card. And what can I say...I'm into owls. :) I even managed to sketch 3 more cards while waiting to pick up Collin today from school. Loving it! Give it a try...and if you make a sketchbook, I would love to see it!