Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Countdown Day 5

Tag #5: Play Minute to Win It

Have you ever seen this show?  We love it, but don't watch it very often. We would rather play it!  We won't be winning millions any time soon, but it is a VERY fun activity for parties or even a night it.  Forget the boring board games!  We only have a Minute to Win It people!

We found some great sites with the videos for each game online and have them downloaded on our laptop.  Whenever we feel the urge to play, we can hook it up to our computer and off we go! 

**Disclaimer: most of these games are very fast paced and my poor camera cannot keep up.  I did the best I could with pictures.

Interesting facts for the evening:
Unrolling rolls of streamers is a great arobic workout

Billy and I make an awesome conveyor belt to move ornaments to the tree...might have to decorate this way next year

Collin and Isbel STINK at tossing cookies with a tray and catching them again.  They are very good at throwing them across the room.

Isabel is the master at moving a pretzles from her forehead to her mouth without using her hands.  And looks stinkin' cute doing it.

Collin has really good balance with his teeth.  May be a super power.  I'm not sure.