Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Quiet Place

In our small group we have been talking about taking time each day to reflect, recharge and spend some quiet time with God.  One of the topics that has come up is WHERE we would truely enjoy doing this.  All of the wives/moms agreed that where we do our quiet time and where we would LIKE to do our quiet time are two different places.  LOL  We are tied down abit to kids schedules and nap time, so we can't always be in the place that recharges us the most.  If I had to choose a place to go and just be quiet every day, I would pick a wooded area.  I love the serenity of it, the beauty and the calm (if I don't bring my kids with me...LOL).  This inspired a layout for me and about who I am.  I just might have to frame this one.

I used my Into the Woods Kit and added some BG alpha stickers, orange/notbook paper flowers and bling.