Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Double Dog Dare You Challenge #3

It has been an exhausting few days. I am on pins and needles waiting for the phone call to tell me that my sister is in labor with her first baby. I can't wait for my new nephew, but am afraid that I will not make it in time or at all. Distance and kids school scheduals as well as church might put a monkey wrench in my plans to be there for the birth. I am hopeful, though. I really want to be there for her.

New babies always make me nostalgic, so I was quickly able to finish the journaling on the One Little Word Challenge that I started last week. I had the page finished, but the words just would not come. The word to use was No and I immediately thought of my Grandmother and how I have no regrets about moving from Puerto Rico back to Indiana to be with her during her final days of cancer. It was a very scary and stressful move (no money...no place to stay...no job and a new baby/husband), but I am so glad I took that leap. My grandmother was able to spend her last days with her first Great Grandson and I was able to care for the woman who made such a difference in my life. During those difficult days when she was bed ridden and needed me to care for her most personal needs, she expressed such concern about being a burden. My greatest joy was holding her face in my hands and reassuring her that it was my pleasure to care for her. Okay, before I start to tear up, I will just post the layout. This is my grandmother. Warm sweater in the hotest of weather...big purse fill of kleenex and hard candy and hair arranged carefully over her ears (she hated her ears). I love this woman.

Here is the next challenge for this week from me. We will be making a Mini Album...inspired by a color combo...using stamping and focusing on blue. I see alot of people check my blog, but no one has posted their link yet. Why don't you be the first one? Come on...don't make me do this all by myself. You might be suprised at how easy it is. LOL

My other challenge for this week is from my friend Jen. Since she has NOTHING to do right now (yeah, right), we thought we would do some challenges together and post the results on our blogs (check out hers at http://www.myscrapcloset.blogspot.com/ ). She challenged me to make a card based on the Day 58 challenge from 365 cards ( http://365cards.blogspot.com/ ) Hmmm...fish? A card with fish? Let's see what I can do with that. LOL I will post it when I am done.

In the meantime...here is Mr. Linky. PLEASE post your challenge project...don't make me beg. LOL


diana*bugalicious said...

beautiful LO of your grandmother!

Lynn said...

I love the story about your grandmother, and the layout is beautiful, what a wonderful tribute.

jcscraphappy said...

what a sweet story it brought tears to my eyes, that is what my mother felt while on hospice and in my care and i can so relate to holding their precious face and reassuring them they are not a burden and its a pleasure to be ther for them.
great layout, thanks for sharing the layout and your story.