Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I-Top Review

A month or so ago I won a prize package from Give Away Today and it arrived! I am excited to show you my prize and let you know how I like it!
My first impression of the i-top was YEAH! A package that I can open without scissors! LOL Sounds silly, but when I get a new toy, I don't want to have to wrestle it to the ground trying to get it out to play. The tool has a cool textured handle (not a big fan of pink, but that is a minor thing) and comes ready to go with picture instructions and a DVD that shows again how to use it and some project ideas. They also sent me the carrying case...really fun design on it and removable pouches inside to store the tool and brads as well as a pocket that I put the DVD in and some papers. My only wish would be for it to be slightly bigger so I can store the punches in it as well.

Next in my box was a set of templates so I can trace the correct sizes to make the brads (seriously, probably would not happen...LOL...too much work) and ALL THREE PUNCH SIZES! I am excited about this because so far Michaels only carries one size of the punch, which seems pointless to me. the punches work really smoothly and the cut out design actually would be a fun accent all on its own.

Last but not least was the attatchment to make the larger brads, one set of each side of brads and some SUPER cute pre punched and STICKY BACKED papers so I could just peel, stick and make the brad.

I watched the DVD (although the package directions were good) and made a brad immediately. It was very easy to do and I like the way it came out. I have heard some complaints about the paper being a bit wrinkly around the edges, but, honestly, I think it looks fine. I can't wait to put it to work on some projects! So if you are on the fence, I would say climb on over. It is a great tool. My only concern (and it is a small one) is that it will go the way of some other tools I have liked and I will end up with the tool and no way to get the brads for it eventually. But that is a risk with any tool, I guess. For now, I am going to stock up. LOL

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Anonymous said...

What a prize! Congrats on your win. Enjoy your goodies. :)