Friday, January 8, 2010

Welcome to 2010!

Seriously, where does the time go? I think it might possibly be hiding under my bed (I really do need to clean under there), but I'm just not sure how to hold onto it. I have alot of goals and aspirations. There are so many things I want to do. But the lot of a mommy/wife is not an easy one. I am so far down the list right now that I can't even see my name. But I am working on changing that. There are things that are important to me and I need to persue them. There are things that make me happy and I need to do them. My family will not suffer. My kids will not need therapy. My husband will still eat a good dinner. But mommy is getting some ME time this year.

Ali Edwards has been encouraging her fellow scrapbookers to choose one word that will sum up what they want their year to be. I always thought it was a fun idea, but was too busy/lazy/last on my list to bother with it. Until this year. I have chosen a word. My word.

Now, you might think that my goal this year is to run around hugging people, but that is not exactly what I have in mind. Embrace. In 2010 I want to embrace the moments where I would rather be scrapbooking, but end up with more family time. To Embrace my kids when I want to be frustrated with them. To Embrace my limitations about who I am. In essence, to live in the moment and rejoice in it instead of thinking to the future and the little list in my head of things I really need/want to get done.

Because of my new word, I have been working on schedualing my days a bit better and not feeling like I have to finish EVERYTHING in order to spend a few minutes in my studio and creating. So far so good. I have worked on a few cards this week and will be working on a layout today.

Aren't they cute? The heart one is for Isabel for Valentines Day...I got the stamp at it! The Robot one is Collin's V-Day card...I got a new set from Sandylion a while back (I very much needed some boyish stamps) and thought I would try them out. The monkey, planet and ship are from the same set.

So, one of my decadent wishes has always been to join a scrapbook kit club. Now before you look at me for a Youth Pastor and his SAHW is always just enough for expenses, but not quite enough for expensive extras. And yes, I consisder spending $40 a month on a kit mailed to my house to be expensive for us. I do have extra money each month for my supplies, but I don't want to spend all of it on just that one thing. So I have decided to challenge myself to make my own kits. heard me! Have you seen my room? LOL I am not lacking for paper, inks and stamps (never really have enough, though, do we), but drool over new embellishements. And new paper. And new stamps. Oh, dear! Lafayette is fortunate to have a Michaels, JoAnnes and Hobby Lobby, but our only scrapbook store closed, so some of the fun new products never make their way into my neck of the woods.

Here is my first kit for January. It was fun pulling through all of my stuff. I do like to organize. (insert sigh of utmost pleasure here) I decided that I would allow myself $5-$10 a kit to get embellishments/extras for it. Much better than $40, don't you think? And the best news of all....drumroll, dear friend, Pam, works at a scrapbook store (almost makes it excusable that she left me to move to another state...sob!). She has sent pictures of it for me and I think the owner and I might be twins. LOL We have similar taste in products. Soooooo...I had the inspiration to ask Pam to ocassionally put me together a kit and mail it to me. That way I can still get my current product that I crave and can spend an amount that is comfortable for me that month. Whoohoo! Great idea, huh? Love ya, Pam!


Crystal aka Caitlynsmommy said...

So glad to see you back to posting! I ADORE those boy stamps even though I have a girl. Where did you get them? I would like to get something similar for the fairies when we have boy missions I am lost!LOL! I like your word of the year and how you are putting YOU on the list too! I need to do that, first I want good health though so we are going to get started on that today with doctors visits!

Rach H said...

Cute cards! I like the word that you chose! Very nice!

Jenny Lilac said...

Very cute cards!!

Bethany said...

Crystal...I got the stamps at a LSS that was closing down, so they were a steal! Here is a picture of the whole set:
I have been praying for you!

Crystal aka Caitlynsmommy said...

i know I have seen those before but not sure where, so I went to Ms and hubby got me two of the 6.99 sets with 40% off coupons they have robots and monsters (thought I would use those for Cs pages too.) Thank you for praying for me that means a lot. I went to the doctor yesterday adn THANK GOD was allowed to get off the one drug that was causing me to be angry, compulsive and in a fog so whatever happens now I can handle it, I just could not live like that anymore! Want to make me some kits LOL! I get overwhelmed with all my stuff sometimes! LOL