Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

One thing I love about my scraproom is that it is a really warm yellow color. Originally, I picked the paint for Isabel (it was her room first) and every little girl needs a room painted the same color as Winnie the Pooh, don't you think? When we switched rooms, I decided to keep the color (boy, was Billy confused...he was sure I would want to paint...I think he was disappointed). When the sun shines in, the whole room glows. And when it is gloomy out (winter in Indiana...pretty much a given) the room makes me feel not so grey. I am a natural light kind of girl, so yellow is a good color for me.
So this weekend we went to Indy to go to the Children's Museum. It was the last weekend for the Barbie exhibit. Talk about crowded! I loved seeing all of the different dolls and there were lots of activities for little girls to do.
The girls could dress up and do a fashion show, too. Isabel has quite a model walk. LOL Very serious and sloooooow!
It was a fun day and my ulterior motive for planning this trip was to try and sneak in a stop at Archivers. Lafayette has the big box craft stores, but I miss the personalization and focus that a LSS has to offer. I was on a budget, but I enjoyed browsing (Billy kept himself and kids busy so I would not feel rushed) and saw so many pretty things and got lots of ideas. My spending tended to be more practicle. I opted for things I could get alot of use out of...stamps. LOL Like I don't have enough of those. They were re-setting for new, fun products, so their clearance section was HUGE! I got the following stamp sets for $20 total. Right in my budget. :)

You don't think I'd leave you without a peek of what I have been working on, do you? Never! I did finish 2 cards...and no, Pam, I'm afraid they are not for you, this time. :)

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chadm said...

Hi Beth,

My name is Chad and I work at The Children's Museum. I saw your blog post from a Google Alert. I'm really glad you and your family had a great time visiting the museum.

I did want to let you know that the Barbie exhibit is actually running through February 2011, so feel free to come back and enjoy again.

Have a great day!