Friday, December 31, 2010

My One Little Word

This is my word...motto...mantra for 2011. It is already working well for me. There are so many things that I want to become, areas that need growth that it was hard to pick just what my focus should be on for the next year. And then I heard myself telling my frustrated husband that the people at work are never going to change and he needs to change his perspective on the situation in order to stop being stressed. Perspective. That word seems to come up alot in my conversations. Every situation...every moment in your life can be viewed through different lenses...from different angels. Sometimes just changing your perspecitve can make all the difference. I am teaching my kids this word. When I have been frustrated the last few days with their behavior (not bad behavior...just irritating quirks), we have sat down and rephrased my frustrations in a more positive light. And it helped tremendously. Alot of my stress is all in my head. And I mean to do something about that in 2011. It seems to be paying off. I like to talk out loud sometimes and mentioned this morning about the things on my to do list. Just so I could hear them. And lo and behold Billy and Isabel started the dishes and Collin vaccumed and did laundry. Wow! I suddenly am blessed with some free time and I am going to go enjoy it. Have a wonderful end to 2010. See you next year!


Jessica said...

What a wonderful word. And I love that it's right there for you to see every day. Great idea. Happy New Year to you!

Tracy said...

Nice choice for you word.
I like that you put it on your wall to remind you of it.

mborrero said...

like your thinking!

living, creating, and appreciating
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