Thursday, February 3, 2011

January was an inspired month...

I am the first to complain about not having as much time as I like to scrapbook.  I am a stay at home mom, so time is a bit more abundant for me (at least more flexible), but the interruptions are neverending as well.  There is always something to be cooked, cleaned, read, played...YOU understand. 

So why was January such great scrappy month for me?  I know of a few reasons:
1.  My new word Perspective has really helped my attitude and my priorities
2.  I did better at making more time for me
3.  I was MUCH better organized since starting the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Blog with Meridy (Love the kits...really streamlined my time)
4.  I limited my computer time is an bad distraction for me
5.  2 Peas had it's CHA social...which gave me inspirations and deadlines

Here are the things I created during the CHA Social...I didn't finish all of the challenges, but I do love what I did:

Shabby Chic Challenge:

Use a color you love to wear Challenge

Use Red Challenge

Accessorize Challenge

Simple, Classy Style Challenge:

I am very excited about what I finished between the social and the Counterfeit Kit Challenges...I was able to preserve some very important stories this January!


hilde janbroers said...

wow great work!!

Tracy said...

You really went to town. Love all that you did. And I can so relate to you :)