Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pretty displays make all the difference

Who cannot stand a messy desk?  Come on!  I know you are out there!  Stand proud with me!  I am a clean as I go sort of person whether it is scrapping or cooking.  I need a nice clean area to work in or I cannot focus. 

That is great for staying neat, but not so great for feeling creative.  Right now I think I have the perfect organizational systems.  I love them and everything has it's place.  This weekend while I was putting together a kit I was working on and creatively taking some photos of the kit (see other post) and it hit me!  I should keep my kit things out in some cute containers on my desk so I will be inspired to use them! 

So here are a few different containers I came up with (the first picture you will remember from yesterday):

(This last bucket I turned upside down so I would have a more shallow container. )

So what fun containers do you use (or could you use) to display your scrap stuff that you are in the process of using?  Share your good ideas with me, please!

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Erin said...

I just moved all of my journal spots to some new shelves. I have a towel bar with some stickers that I would like to use up...just did this so I will have let you know if it works! lol