Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Card Challenge Part 3

Unlike those really badly made B movies with the massive amount of sequals, I'm sure you have been chomping at the bit to see more of our card challenges.  Come on.  Admit it!

Here is another Pam tradition while with us....baking!  Of course I made cookie dough to munch on, but cupcakes were mainly on the agenda.

**Bacon Sprinkled cupcake:  YUCK!

Card Challenge: Sparkle Snow Challenge

Pam (sorry it is sideways)



Fish Challenge:




Chipboard challenge...which I didn't do and forgot to take a picture of Isabel's...but here is


After Pam left (and I got a little teary), Isabel decided to do card challenges with me.  You don't understand how big that is.  She ONLY does them with Pam.  Never just mommy.  Yeah for me!

So here is our first mother/daughter card challenge:

Sketch Challenge



I cannot wait for National Scrapbook Day...I feel more mother/daughter challenges coming on!  I even organized all of her scrap stuff and got her some new storage.  My 6 year old is going to need her own craft room soon.  LOL

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Sherri Thompson said...

Isabel, your Mom's and Pam's cards are very pretty, but I especially love yours! Your mom is so lucky that you like to make cards with her! I hope that you will let your mom share more of your cards on her blog. :)