Friday, July 15, 2011

CKC Embossing Challenge

If you look at my scrapbook stuff, you can see that I have a thing for embossing.  Or, um, at least for collecting embossing stuff.  I honestly forget about it sometimes and don't use it nearly enough!

Here is my layout for the Counterfeit Kit Challenge Embossing Challenge.

I used a few different techniques on it. 

Cuddlebug Folder Embossing:

 Regular Embossing (Alphabet chipboard piece) and Cracked Glass Embossing (Bicycle Stamp):

Three Embossing Techniques in one layout...not too shabby!


Anonymous said...

Not too shabby at all! I have only just remembered that I have crackle glaze (doh!) - thanks to you I'm going to put it on my desk where it'll have a chance to be used.

nomorelittlemonkeys said...

I love all the different techniques you used! The cracked glass is very cool!

Lisa said...

the cracked glass embossing is interesting - thanks for the idea