Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Fun!

So, I stopped subscribbing to scrapbook magazines to save some money.  Yeah.  I can't seem to stop picking up each issue when it comes out at the store.  LOL  It is an addiction, I tell you! 

I love to look at blogs and even online scrapbook magazines, but there is just something about the feel of  paper in my hands.  Since I can't seem to stop buying them, at least I can start using them more.  :)  I pulled out my recent issue of Sccrapbooks ect. and found a great layout on page 16.  I don't generally do a lot of circles, but this seemed to be a great time to start.  Here is my version:

It was fun mixing up the patterened paper.  Usually I over think it.  This time I just started cutting.  I love it!

My sweet girl pulled out one of my card magazine to see about making a card.  She like to copy them EXACTLY and needs a bit of help with the cutting.  Then she adds her own flair to it..."just one more thing, mamma, then it will be perfect!".

Here is her take on a card she loved.  I enjoy watching her process and her new facination with texture on a card.

Off to make some more layouts and cards...hopefully with my girl!


Anonymous said...

Lovely fun summer LO - I like it when I use circles, I just put it off because my circle cutter is rubbish (or maybe it's just how I use it!)

Jimjams said...

Have fun - it's a lovely card and it looks like she's got the right idea: start with a grain of inspiration and then take it somewhere of her own!

Love your page too. I've never subscribed to magazines and stopped buying a while back, but still have a stack of old ones (2002!) that still manage to inspire me.

S said...

Great layout and that card is perfect! I stopped subscribing to scrap magazines, because after a quick perusal when they arrived, they then seem to collect dust. Seeing examples online has been a bigger help to me.

nomorelittlemonkeys said...

It's fun to look at magazines, I agree! Your page is so fun and summery! The card is so sweet!

Lisa said...

I only have CK these days and I'm a bit disappointed with that too - online inspires me more but I know what you mean about wanting them when you see them on the shelf! Great double layout here - the circles are a lot of fun

Sherri Thompson said...

Great layout-I get TONS of inspiration from my "real" magazines, too! LOVE,LOVE LOVE the airplane card! I love how you gave the airplane some dimension!